Bitter Barbra Streisand Out To DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON!

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BARBRA STREISAND will use her upcoming autobiography to blow up archenemy Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

The $25 million tell-all is due to be published in 2017, but sources said the devious diva will leak a sensational account about her long-rumored affair with former President Bill Clinton just ahead of the 2016 election!

“Barbra is out to torpedo Hillary’s campaign!” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“She doesn’t get angry, she gets even. Babs never forgot, nor did she forgive Hillary for banning her from the Clinton White House.

“She believes that once she reveals the details of her relationship with Bill, Hillary will be devastated – and by making it an ‘October surprise,’ Barbra will ensure maximum attention.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Hillary was furious when she learned Barbra had spent the night at the White House with Bill while she was out of town!

Hillary reportedly viciously clawed Bill, leaving his face bloody, and then banned Barbra from ever visiting again!

“Barbra will discuss reports of the alleged sex romp in her book and whatever she says is sure to make headlines!” dished the source.

In addition to hurting Hillary, sources said the book would also blow up 73-year-old Barbra’s marriage to James Brolin – which would mean a $400 million divorce!

Said an insider: “The marriage is hanging by a thread as it is. James has begged her not to go into embarrassing detail about her Hollywood lovers, but that’s exactly what Barbra plans to do!”

The ENQUIRER has learned the “Funny Girl” star will admit to romances with a Who’s Who of Hollywood, including Elvis Presley, Ryan O’Neal, Kris Kristofferson, Jon Voight, Richard Gere and Warren Beatty – as well as tennis ace Andre Agassi and TV newsman Peter Jennings!

Barbra will also get back at “Miami Vice” star Don Johnson, who pursued her in 1988 despite being seven years her junior.

Added the source: “It’s been rumored Barbra was more emotionally invested in the relationship, and she was stunned when Don proposed to his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith.

“She’ll also whitewash the truth about her secret plastic surgeries, plus her feud with stepson Josh Brolin. Count on Barbra to rewrite history!”