BING CROSBY not only sang “White Christmas” but he beat his kids black and blue! And when Bing wasn’t around to dish out punishment, nanny dearest waterboarded Der Bingle’s kinder!

Millions believed Bing Crosby to be a warm, loving family man as seen in his many films but his own son Gary Crosby,  stunned America with his revelations in his tell-all blockbuster “Going my Own Way”.  Gary divulged that Bing was a strict disciplinarian who would beat his sons with a studded belt until he drew blood. Gary also confessed that Bing’s punishments were so severe, he even thought of thinking up ways to kill his dad!

Bing’s four sons from his first marriage to alcoholic actress Dixie Lee were petrified of their dad – and that’s the way he wanted it!

In the book, Gary writes, that when he messed up at school, in one harrowing instance, the star of “White Christmas” and “Holiday Inn’   demanded he explain himself — or else!

“Well, Dad, I think –“ Gary stammered.

“Don’t THINK!” Bing snapped back at his terrified son, Gary recalled in the book. “You CAN’T anyway.  You don’t know – huh? Well, then you’re either stupid or rebellious. I don’t know what it is with you…”

“Then,” Gary wrote, “It was Time for the big event.

“I dropped my pants, pulled down my undershorts and bent over. Then he went at with the belt dotted with metal studs he kept reserved for the situation.”

Bing then whacked away — between 12 and 15 strokes — stopping only when the first smear of blood appeared.

To keep his mind off the searing pain, Gary dreamt of ways to bump off the “old man”.  “Maybe I could poison his coffee or ‘accidentally' bump him out the window…”

But Gary was forbidden to show any emotion when standing tall before the man. Only in his room, did his emotions explode as he “went berserk”’ as a “red veil of rage descended”  — pummeling his fists raw against the walls.

But his cries went unheeded as his Dad returned to the Paramount lot for another day of shooting a “Road Movie” with pal Bob Hope as his mom descended deeper into an alcoholic haze.

And even when Papa Bing wasn’t around to dole out the pain – the kids’ nanny was!

“If our nanny thought we were stepping out of line, she was free to whip us or do whatever she wanted. One nurse liked giving us the drowning treatment,” Gary wrote in the tell-all.

“When (the tub) was filled with two feet of water, she grabbed (the guilty party) by the hair, plunged his head down to the bottom and held it there awhile, then brought it back up so his face was under the stream still gushing from the faucet.

“It never occurred to us to explain…”

Gary, later writes in the book, that after the death of his boozy wife Dixie Lee, Bing seemed to turn his life around.

Bing remarried, mellowing in his later years—even performing “The Little Drummer Boy” with rocker David Bowie without so much as a single “Pa-rumpa-pa-PUM” to the jaw.