Legal Cover-Up!

Bill O’Reilly Desperate To Muzzle Ex-Wife

FOX News star terrified of legal leaks!

bill oreilly divorce custody battle
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Bill O’Reilly is desperate to cover up the dirty details of his divorce — as he fights to maintain his status as the face of FOX News!

With his network rocked by sexual harassment scandals, the 67-year-old “O’Reilly Factor” host persuaded a judge to seal details of the $10 million lawsuit he filed against ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy.

That’s the same case where she won custody of their kids earlier this year, insiders say.
“Bill doesn’t like to lose,” reported a source close to the newsman. “He’s gonna try to take Mau- reen to the woodshed!”

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Furious Maureen dumped him for New York police detective Jeffrey Gross, and now Bill wants to bury anything from their six-year divorce and custody battle that makes him look bad, sources said.

He’s managed one victory by whining to a civil court judge that he’s famous enough that his personal life can “attract media attention,” — saying that can also cause his two kids “extreme emotional distress.”

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However, Bill’s 17-year-old daughter charges in court papers that he’s the one creating distress, and claims she saw him dragging her mom down a staircase by the neck!

Bill is frantic to downplay the domestic abuse accusations and insists: “All allegations against me in these circumstances are 100 percent false.”

Of course, he said the same when a FOX producer sued him for sexual harassment more than a decade ago — before settling out of court!