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Bill O’Reilly Flops In Comeback Bid

Former FOX News star gets ignored over State of the Union!

bill oreilly comeback plans

Bill O’Reilly’s triumphant return to the boob tube was an epic flop — and his many media ­enemies are delighting in the massive disaster!

The fired talking head, who cost FOX News millions in sexual harassment payoffs, attracted a mere 17,000 viewers — out of a total audience of 45.6 million — for his debut as a Newsmax TV analyst.

Nielsen data showed a stunning lack of interest in the has-been’s commentary on President Trump’s first State of the Union address.

But a Newsmax source said the former FOX News star “is so arrogant, he’s trying to spin his failure” — by blaming the New York–based cable channel.

Word around Newsmax is that O’Reilly is whining about how his comeback wasn’t sufficiently promoted, as he insists plenty more viewers would’ve flocked to hear his coverage with proper promotion.