With Bill Cosby set to return to TV, a 
new book rips the lid off the award-winning actor’s scandalous womanizing.

In “Cosby: His Life and Times,” author Mark Whitaker exposes the 77-year-old comedy icon’s 
affair with a longtime mistress, while The National ENQUIRER explores ugly charges that he allegedly drugged and attacked another woman.

While published reports say the book was written with “the help of Cosby’s inner circle,” a source told The ENQUIRER “it will nonetheless open old wounds” for Camille Cosby, the Emmy winner’s wife of 50 years and mother of his five children.

In the book, obtained by The ENQUIRER, Whitaker writes that when Cosby wanted to end a relationship with a longtime girlfriend, “he invited the woman and her mother, who had always disapproved of her daughter being involved with a married man, out to dinner.”

Whitaker writes: “‘I’m very happy to be here,’ the mother told Cosby, ‘because I always thought you had more sense than that!’ ”

The book also reveals details of a 1975 affair with then 23-year-old brunette Shawn Upshaw, whose daughter Autumn Jackson was convicted years later of trying to extort $24 million from Cosby by threatening to go public with a claim that she was his illegitimate daughter.

Despite the trouble Shawn caused Cosby, the book states “Over the years he has sent her more than $100,000, including payment for two rehab stints as she tried to kick a drug habit.”

Cosby spoke candidly about his womanizing in an exclusive 
ENQUIRER interview in 2005 after being cleared of sexual molestation charges that were brought against him by a Canadian woman, who claimed she was drugged and attacked by Cosby in 2004.

“I’m not saying that what I did was wrong, but I apologize to my loving wife, who has stood by my side for all these years,” Cosby told The ENQUIRER at the time.

In a police complaint, the woman – who worked in the athletic department at Cosby’s alma mater, Philadelphia’s Temple University –said she was drugged and attacked by Cosby in January 2004. Cosby vigorously denied the woman’s allegations. “Sometimes you try to help people and it backfires,” the star of 
the 60s TV series “I Spy” told The ENQUIRER. “People can soil you by taking advantage.”While he’s never topped the success of his hit NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show,”Cosby is set to appear in a stand-up comedy special in November on Netflix and also has a pilot in development for NBC.

In “COSBY: His Life and Times,” it’s revealed how Bill Cosby learned the shattering news of his son Ennis’ death in 1997. Author Mark Whitaker writes that “Cosby” show producer Joanne Curley Kerner asked Cosby: “‘Can I speak to you in your dressing room? There’s been a killing in Los Angeles,’ she said as soon as the door was closed. ‘Ennis may have been involved. He may be dead.’”

The 27-year-old was trying to fix a flat tire on a lonely road above Bel-Air, Calif., when he was shot to death in a late-night robbery.

In an exclusive 2005 interview, Cosby “thanked” The ENQUIRER for posting a $100,000 reward, which led to the conviction of Ennis’s killer, Ukrainian immigrant Mikhail Markhasev.