Bill Cosby Facing Criminal Charges Over Sexual Assault Allegations


Creepy comic Bill Cosby is facing criminal sexual abuse charges — in a case that’s already had him confessing to cheating on his wife!

The Montgomery Country District Attorney’s Office in Pennsylvania has issued an arrest warrant for Cosby over charges of sexual assault from a case that was first filed in 2004!

This makes for the first criminal charges to ever be filed in the multiple rape charges against the once-beloved star.

Andrea Constand — then an employee of Pennsylvania’s Temple University — went to the police in 2004 to claim that Philadelphia native Cosby had just drugged and assaulted her at his Pennsylvania home.

Bruce Castor was serving as District Attorney at the time, and decided to take Cosby’s side, and declared publicly in 2005 that Andrea and Cosby both behaved in “a less than flattering light.”

Cosby was still forced to settle a civil lawsuit with Andrea — and The ENQUIRER revealed how the pervy performer had given a deposition where the married man admitted to several sexual relationships with young women!

Attorneys for Andrea, now 42, say that she plans to work closely with authorities in the new investigation.

As The ENQUIRER reported in November, Cosby’s attorneys were sent scrambling after Kevin Steele was elected this year as a district attorney in suburban Philadelphia.

Castor was attempting to reclaim his District Attorney seat, and Steele’s campaign went after the former DA for protecting Cosby.

“Many more victims came forward,” said one Steele campaign ad, “and Castor admitted he could’ve used their testimony against Cosby.”

Outraged voters quickly abandoned Castor for the determined new candidate who vowed to revisit the case!

“Bruce Castor had an opportunity to bring charges, and he failed to do so,” said Steele in a campaign ad that ripped his opponent’s star-struck ways and poor judgment.

Now it’s a nightmare-come-true for Bill Cosby as Steele continues to keep his campaign promise to go after the twisted TV legend!