Got an Emmy AND a hot wife but struggling vegan TED DANSON drools for charbroiled beef! Luckily, ex-Prez BILL CLINTON is on call 24/7 to chill Ted’s crazed cow-compulsion!    

When it’s lunchtime on the “CSI” set, the former Ted salivates at the smell of juicy burgers cook­ing at the craft services table, sources say, and he sends an SOS to his vegan sponsor – ex- President Bill Clinton!

“It''s been a disaster on the ‘CSI’ set for Ted,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“With all the tasty meat dishes that the catering staff makes, his will to stick to his vegan diet is wilting.

“He’s been vegan and a vegetarian in the past, but Ted has found it diffi­cult maintaining the diet because he always ends up missing juicy ham­burgers!”

When the star, 64,  sees cast members digging into dishes that he’s forbidden to touch, he picks up his cell phone and dials his pal Clin­ton, said the source.

“He tells Bill that the cows are calling him and he must have some beef,” said the source.

“But Bill just tells him to think about his cholesterol levels.”

The ex-chief executive – a former junk-food junkie – has under­gone quadruple bypass surgery and had two coronary stents implanted after leaving the White House. He’s since given up meat, and when Ted calls, he urges him to go for veggies, fruits and beans, said the source.

“Ted sulks for a while, but eventu­ally agrees it’s in his best interests to eat healthier,” the source added.

“Bill is also quick to tell Ted about how much healthier he feels since becoming vegan, and Ted agrees that he’s felt the benefits, in­cluding feeling more energy.”

The former prez even joked with Ted, telling him that if he died an early death, the guys would be lined up to date his wife, actress Mary Steenburgen.

“Ted’s determined to stick to the diet this time,” said the source. “And with a vegan coach like Bill, he’s got every chance!”