MAD MEL OUT, ex-Prez BILL CLINTON IN – the Hangover 2 sequel, that is.

Bill Clinton, who famously "did not inhale" will be doing some stranger stuff as he’s confirmed his Presidential partying cameo in Hangover 2.

The comedic sequel which has already generated a lot of ink by blackballing Mad Mel Gibson and replacing him with Liam Neeson has now added the other globe trotting Clinton to its roster.

The media-friendly politician pulled double-duty over the weekend in Thailand. 

Bill delivered a speech on economics and climate change to Thai politicos and then lensed his cameo, playing himself, in Bangkok.

The ex-Prez is following in the footsteps of ear-biting boxing champ Mike Tyson who got his acting career going with his pal tiger in the first yuk fest.

No word yet whether Bill’s scene will involve a cigar and/or a Bangkok lovely.