Bill Clinton’s Secret Gay Past!

Bill Clinton can’t keep his zipper up — for men or women!

That’s the shocking new charge unearthed by Radar Online, as they expose the former Prez’s shocking sexual secrets!

Radar has a first look at the upcoming exposé “Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love,” written by insiders Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince.

They reveal how rumors swirled on the University of Arkansas campus in 1973 that Bill Clinton — then a handsome and charming new law professor — was actually a closeted homosexual.

“A lot of guys were warned to stay clear of him, fearing he might put the make on us!” a former student said of Bill, who was then just dating future wife Hillary.

Hillary, now 68, later joined her then-boyfriend at the Fayetteville school as law professor —but that did nothing to dispel the gossip.

“When Hillary showed up, a lot of us were still not convinced,” the onetime student continued.

“We thought that was just for show because she looked like a lesbian!”

The ENQUIRER has previously reported on intimate emails that also had politicians panicking that Hillary’s secret lesbian love life might soon be exposed!

Now Radar has all the shocking details about Bill’s own reported hidden life!