Big-Hearted John Travolta Adopts James Gandolfini’s Son!

James gandolfini john travolta sq

John Travolta’s kept his vow to care for James Gandolfini’s son — he’s taken the late “Sopranos” star’s only boy, Michael, under his protective fatherly wing.

Michael, who’d been vacationing in Rome with his father, found him unconscious on a hotel bathroom floor in 2013.

“John stepped in as a father figure — just like James would have wanted,” said a pal.

James was a great source of comfort when John’s teenage son, Jett, 16, died in 2009 following a seizure. Now John, 61, has stepped up to the plate for James’ boy.

“My goal is to make sure that his family is okay,” said John.

Added a source: “John will never forget James’ compassion after Jett died. Michael has an open invitation to stay with him anytime.”