“YOU’RE just like your father!”  JUSTIN BIEBER’s alarmed mom Pattie Mallette uttered those words after the teen idol got into a recent dust-up with a photographer, according to a family insider.

Terrified that the “Baby” singer is heading in the same direction as his hotheaded dad, the insider says that Pattie is now insisting that her son sign up for anger management classes!

“Pattie accused Justin of turning into the spitting image of his father – and that’s the last thing in the world she wants,” a family source told The ENQUIRER. “She told him she won’t tolerate him turning into a ‘violent, arrogant, self-cen­tered narcissist’ like his dad, and she’s demanding he get his anger issues resolved now.”

On May 27, days after getting private boxing lessons from former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, Justin, 18, allegedly roughed up a photographer who tried to snap a photo of him and girlfriend Selena Gomez in Calabasas, Calif.

The source says that Justin’s interest in boxing and hair-trigger temper is disturbingly similar to his father Jeremy, 37, a former mixed martial arts fighter with a long history of bar brawls and blowups.

Aa THE ENQUIRER reported in February, a boozing Jeremy allegedly beat his nephew Tylor to a pulp at an Ontario, Canada, bar just because the youngster mockingly called him “Justin Bieber’s dad.”

Now, the family insider says Pattie is worried about Justin because “he idolizes his mean-tempered father.”

Added the source: “Pattie knows Justin has a tendency to lose his temper, and that’s why she wants him to nip his anger issues in the bud now – before he blows up and someone gets hurt.”