Reality star BETHENNY FRANKEL skeletal frame sparks concern over health conscious acolytes as they wonder —  when is a skinny girl just too darn SKINNY?!

The Bethenny Ever After star, 41, looked skinnier than ever as she strode the Sunday sidewalks of New York. says her eerie weight loss may have serious health risks – like bone density loss, perhaps?

“While she has always been thin, I think the stress of her new found success, the battles that have come because of that, the gut renovation of her apartment and the trouble in her marriage have probably led her to eat less due to the stress,” eat-and-treat guru Dr. Fred Pescatore, who has not treated the reality star, said. 

“For someone not in the public eye, this is a lot to take in.

“Some people stress eat and others stress starve – it appears Bethenny has fallen into the latter category,” he explained.

“Her collar bones are painfully present and when she smiles, there is absolutely no fat to absorb those laugh lines making them very pronounced; her temples are hollow where they weren't before,” Dr. Pescatore grimly told

“I know she eats on the show but what has happened since that show was taped, we, the public don't know, but if these pictures are any indication, there is trouble a foot.”