Bernie Sanders’ ‘Hippie Era’ Love Child!

He never married the mother of his first kid!

Bernie sanders splash
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Talk about a “Dirty Grandpa”!

White House wannabe Bernie Sanders portrays himself on the campaign trail as the pillar of propriety. But The National ENQUIRER has learned the Vermont senator, 74, has a love child!

His website claims the Democratic candidate “has four children and seven grandchildren.”

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In fact, three of “his” kids are stepchildren born to wife Jane in a previous marriage — and he never wed the mother of his only biological child, 46-year-old son Levi!

The ENQUIRER learned Bernie fell for Levi’s mother, Susan Campbell Mott, during the free-love era of the ’60s.

Bernie shacked up with Susan after splitting with first wife Deborah, sources said.

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The pair raised Levi in an “informal arrangement,” according to an insider, with the boy calling his dad “Bernard.” Levi sometimes went hungry, and lived in the dark in their rental apartment.

“The electricity was turned off a lot,” recalled a pal, Nancy Barnett.

“He (Bernie) couldn’t pay his bills.”

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