Ben Affleck ‘Will Always Be A Cheater!’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

The stripper involved in BEN AFFLECK’s ugly split from JENNIFER LOPEZ has told The National ENQUIRER she’s not shocked his marriage to JENNIFER GARNER is kaput!

No, I can’t say I’m surprised,” former blonde bombshell Tammy Morris, now 41, said in an exclusive interview.

“I believe, ‘Once a cheater always a cheater.’ My advice to Jen is: ‘Run!’ ”

In a blockbuster interview in our Aug. 19, 2003 issue, Tammy, then 29, revealed how love rat Ben cheated on then-fiancée J.Lo with her!

While Ben vehemently denied the story at the time, Tammy passed multiple polygraph tests regarding her account of their lusty romp.

“It’s a night I’ll never forget!” Tammy gushed.

Then a dancer at Brandi’s Exotic Nightclub in Vancouver, Canada, temptress Tammy hooked up with Ben, 42, during a wild sex-and-drugs party at a private home with several strippers.

“I positioned myself right by him on the bed,” Tammy said. “He started to caress me. Then he started to give me oral sex. I couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever had, but it was from Ben Affleck!”

Weeks later, on Sept. 10, Ben and J.Lo called off their wedding just four days before they were set to say “I do.”

The couple, dubbed “Bennifer,” briefly reunited, but split for good in January 2004.

Ben later married Jen, who was pregnant, in June 2005. They’re now the parents of three children.

In a recent world-beating scoop, The ENQUIRER detailed how Ben and Jen are headed for a $150 million divorce.

In a new twist, The ENQUIRER has also learned that Ben has consulted a top Hollywood divorce lawyer!

Tammy – now married and expecting her third child – delivered a parting shot to the doomed marriage.

“I was really hoping Ben had turned his life around,” she said. “He married the all-American girl. It’s too bad he couldn’t make it work.”