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Barney The Dinosaur Turns Sex Wizard

Former kiddie star offers 'full body pleasure!'

barney dinosaur sex counseling
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The former frolicking star of “Barney & Friends” has traded in his purple jumpsuit for a new — and racier — role: tantric sex entrepreneur!

In a shocking twist, The National ENQUIRER has learned that David Joyner — who once entertained kids on PBS as Barney the Dinosaur — has been building his business in the Los Angeles area since 2004.

On his website, he claims to have about 30 female clients, or “goddesses,” as he refers to them. He makes house calls and offers ritual baths, chakra balancing — and unprotected sex culminating in “full body pleasure!”

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Each three- to four-hour session costs about $350.

Other tantra coaches have derided the ex-dinosaur’s methods as “shady” and “ridiculous.” David, however, has defended his methods while insisting that condoms “block the energy.”

He’s also claimed to have used his training even during his Barney days, using tantric energy to keep himself in his sweltering 70-pound costume.

“The energy I brought up in the costume is based on the foundation of tantra, which is love,” he explained — and now the “I Love You” song will never sound the same!