Barbra Streisand & Stepson Josh Brolin At War As She Snubs His Wedding!

Babs stepson josh at war as she snubs his wedding ne short

Barbra Streisand will have nothing to do with Josh Brolin’s wedding to fiancée Kathryn Boyd!

The 73-year-old diva has been in a grumpy mood ever since Josh – son of her husband, James Brolin, 75 – popped the question to his 28-year-old former personal assistant last spring, a source told The National ENQUIRER.

“Barbra suspects that Kathryn is a social climber who’s using Josh for his money and Tinseltown connections,” the source claimed. “But Josh thinks Barbra is just being a meddling mother-in-law. He’s going forward with the marriage whether Barbra likes it or not!”

A family friend said much of Barbra’s reticence has to do with Josh’s ex-wife, actress Diane Lane, who divorced Josh in 2013 after nine years.

“Barbra is great friends with Diane. She’s the one who originally hooked her and Josh up,” the friend said. “She was very invested in the two of them, so it broke her heart when they split up – and she blamed Josh for it.”

But Josh’s plans are moving forward for an intimate Christmas wedding without Barbra, according to insiders.

“Josh has bumped heads with Barbra repeatedly. She’s tried to lecture him and mother him, but geez, he’s a 47-year-old man!” the friend said. “He just tells Kathryn she doesn’t need to kiss up to her.”

But a source added Barbra also seethes that “Josh is basically marrying his hired help when he once had an Academy Award-nominated actress for a wife.”

And now it seems the rift between Josh and Barbra is just too wide.

“They’re both stubborn and outspoken,” said a source.

Earlier this year, The ENQUIRER reported that Barbra is hiding secrets in her own 16-year marriage and that a $550 million divorce is looming.