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Barbra Streisand Raging Over Husband’s Sex Scenes

Furious over James Brolin's flirtations with female co-stars!

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Jealous Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin are “at each other’s throats” over his “Life in Pieces” and “Sisters” co-star Dianne Wiest, sources disclosed to The National ENQUIRER.

“Barbra is very jealous of the time Jim spends with Dianne,” said an insider. “It drives her absolutely crazy!”

James, 75, and Dianne, 68, spent most of the summer of 2014 filming the flick “Sisters” and are now shooting their hit CBS sitcom, “Life in Pieces,” in which they play married grandparents with a sizzling sex life.

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The two performers are also married in “Sisters,” and in one particular scene their characters “are caught at their new home having ‘day sex,’ ” said the source.

“Barbra went ballistic when she saw it!”

She also hit the roof when they groped each other under the covers on the show.

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Then there’s James’ shameless flirting with 38-year-old Stana Katic on “Castle.”

“Barbra accused James of having an affair with Stana,” snitched the spy. “He shot back, ‘Don’t be ridiculous!’

“They got into a terrible screaming match. She felt betrayed because James had said he wanted out of their marriage!”