BARBARA WALTERS has set the date to say “SAYONARA” to “The View” .

ABC News reported (natch) the legendary newgal, 84, has set the date to make her final appearance on AM chatter that she also co-produces.

Walters who plans to retire later this Spring has said May 16 is the “drop dead” date for her Am sign-off.

Not to worry Bab fans she will be the subject of a two hour news special produced by ABC that will chronicle her life in front of the camera.

THAT airs the night of her AM farewell.

Highly unlikely, will the more salacious aspects of Walter’s long career will be noted by the Disney ABC News monolith.

Reportedly, Walters will continue to exec produce The View via remote control and still contribute something to the Alphabet Net’s soft-news coverage  — presumably her pre-Oscars love- in with the stars.