TAYLOR SWIFT is persona non grata among the women of the Kennedy Compound –including BOBBY KENNEDY, JR. ’s GF CHERYL HINES who thinks the wanton cougar cub has marked her man NEXT for love!


 ADD “Curb Your Enthusi­asm” star Cheryl Hines to the growing list of people who want Taylor Swift banned from the Kennedy compound!

The actress – and girlfriend of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – thinks the country singer is only dating Bobby’s teenage son Conor so she can get her hooks into Bobby!

“Cheryl is convinced that Taylor is bad news all the way around for the Kennedy family,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She warned Bobby that Taylor is just using Conor to make herself more famous and that she’s going to break his heart. But what really ticks Cheryl off is how flirty and helpless Taylor acts whenever she’s around Bobby. Deep down she believes Taylor only made a play for the son so she could get to his father.”

Taylor 22, And Conor, 18, began dating earlier this sum­mer – much to the displeasure of many members of the Kennedy family, including Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy. Just before Taylor hooked up with Conor – who’s still in high school – she was rumored to be seeing his cousin, Patrick Schwarzenegger, 19.

“Cheryl has heard a lot of stories of Taylor’s obsession with the Kennedy family and her desperate social climbing,” the source said. “Getting her clutches into Bobby would be the ultimate prize in her twisted dream of turning herself into the next Jackie Kennedy.”

But Cheryl – now starring in the ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” – is not about to let Taylor have her way, adds the source.

“She’s not going to rest until Taylor and Conor are broken up and that country vixen is out of the picture for good.”