Bandit Burt Reynolds’ Heart Attack Horror!

Hollywood ’70s heartthrob Burt Reynolds tumbled in a terrifying coronary collapse in front of a London studio audience, who gasped in horror!

While entering the studio to appear on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Burt “was stricken and his feet literally went out from under him and he ended up flat on his back!” an eyewitness told The National ENQUIRER.

A friend of the Oscar-nominated actor wasn’t surprised by the incident and said: “Burt is a heart attack waiting to happen!” 

In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has obtained stunning photos of Burt’s near-tragic fall.

While the “Smokey and the Bandit” star, 79, quickly recovered, bravely refusing medical attention, the friend told The ENQUIRER: “No doubt this was a coronary drama. The guy shouldn’t have been there, he should have been home in bed. His days are numbered. He’s a breath away from a massive heart attack that’s going to send him to the grave.”

Once a strapping 5-foot-11, 175-pound halfback at Florida State, the twice-divorced star is now a “shell of his former self,” said a source, and has wasted away to a skeletal 98 pounds!

More photos obtained by The ENQUIRER show Burt entering the studio, where he “looked like death warmed over,” said an eyewitness.

Though Burt’s representatives said the fall was a joke, an insider claimed “he could barely walk out of the car that deposited him at the entrance. He was hunched over and had a cane, but the moment he stepped from the vehicle, he needed the help of several minders to keep him upright.”

In 2010, Burt had quintuple heart-bypass surgery. Three years later he was rushed to the hospital, suffering from severe dehydration and flu.

The cash-strapped star, who has battled booze and painkiller addictions, is gaunt and also remains in agony from arthritis and back pain.

“It appears the strain on his heart is enormous and the next cardiac episode he suffers could sadly end his life,” top medical expect Dr. Stuart Fischer told The ENQUIRER.