LITTLE RASCALS, BARETTA star, exonerated murder suspect ROBERT BLAKE breaks silence with no-holds-barred interview. 

Blake, 78, who was found not guilty in the May 4, 2001 murder of wife Bonnie Lee Bakley in 2005, sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan. When Morgan said he wasn't sure if the actor was being truthful with him about the incident, Blake got all Lil’ Sure Shot on him. 

"You want to get to the truth if you can. Does that mean I'm lying to you? Tell me where I'm lying," Blake asked Morgan, who said, "I'm not saying you're lying."

Blake snapped, "But you say you don't know if I'm telling the truth, what the hell's the difference?"

"I'm saying I've met you for, what, 20 minutes?" Morgan said, asking the actor, "Why are you being so defensive?"

"Because you just insulted me … nobody tells me I'm a liar," Blake said. "You said I might not be telling the truth. What the hell is the difference?  … I've never allowed anybody to ask me the questions that you're asking. I allowed you to do that because I trust you. And I would have assumed that you and that guy in your ear would trust me. And if you don't, then we'd better start talking about The Little Rascals."

Blake said that while his relationship with Bakley "was not bad," he characterized her as a "con artist."

“I think she came to Hollywood to con her way into show business,” Blake said. “I felt sorry for her sometimes because God never gave her that little piece of sunshine that he gave me."

While Blake was acquitted of murder charges, he was later found guilty in a civil trial in November, 2005, not unlike like O.J. Simpson, reported.

Blake appeared on the CNN chat fest to promo new memoir Tales of a Rascal: What I did for Love. In it, he said he doesn't pull any punches against the law enforcement officials he dealt with while in custody.

"I was supposed to die in that cell, wasn't I? But I didn't die. And you didn't get your book deals, you mothers! I wrote a book about you," Blake said.

Blake says he's bankrupt and friendless in the traumatic wake of the past 11 years, but he's got one last dream.

"The only thing that will cure that hurt is if I get back on that bull that bucked me off and ride him. If I can go out in front of the camera, making the most beautiful film that I ever made, that's all I really want from life."