Bogus Brouhaha!

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal A Publicity Ploy?

Much ado about RATINGS!

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Since news broke of the alleged sexual shenanigans on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise,” The National ENQUIRER‘s insiders have been buzzing that the whole sordid scandal was nothing but a publicity stunt to boost ratings!

“Reality TV contestants go into these shows with their wide eyes open, and nearly every company has them sign an indemnity clause to protect producers,” notes one snitch.

“That way if someone regrets a hookup or gets a disease, nobody can hold the show responsible.”

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Noting Warner Bros. has restarted the show, another insider says bigwigs “found nothing incriminating on tape and no contestant complained about what went down. Staffers made all the noise.”

And heavyweight lawyer Marty Singer, who represents the “Bachelor” contestant at the center of the supposed scandal, Corinne Olympios, confirms the show stirred the controversy.

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“It needs to be made crystal-clear that production of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ was shut down because of multiple complaints received from “BIP” producers and crew members on the set.

“It was not shut down due to any complaint filed by Corinne against anyone.”