This season’s “The Bachelor” has an obsessed OPRAH fan on its hands!  Sexy contestant Dianna Martinez isn’t just on the show to win the love of bachelor Ben Flajnik… she wants to win Oprah’s attention!

Dianna has modeled her life after her idol Oprah, and sources say some of the things she’s done just to get the daytime diva’s attention are downright wacky!

“It’s Oprah that she’s really in love with,” a source revealed.

“She’s even expressed her jealousy over Stedman Graham and Gayle King because they get to spend so much time with Oprah!”

According to the source, Dianna has contacted Oprah’s studios by phone and written dozens of letters and e-mails.

“If someone didn’t know better, they’d probably think Dianna is a crazed stalker, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” the source insisted.

The 30-year-old stunner from San Gabriel, Calif., is the founder and executive director of Generation Her, an organization that helps pregnant teens and teen mothers. And she sincerely believes that by teaming up with Oprah they would become a dynamic duo whose combined philanthropy powers could save the world.

“Dianna has seen how many lives Oprah has changed,” said the source.

“She’s confident that if she could just meet Oprah and explain to her the mutual passion they share, there’s no end to what they could accomplish.”