Virginal “Bachelor” hunk SEAN LOWE is sure to get bent out of shape when he dis­covers that one of the beauties competing on the reali­ty show is a drunk who’s been arrested not once, but twice!

And the wild woman, Amanda Mey­er, is still on probation.

“Amanda is more equipped to be on the reality show ‘Cops’ instead of ‘The Bachelor’ – or maybe ‘Celebrity Rehab’!” scoffed one show insider.

The 26-year-old model from New­port Beach, Calif., has also emerged as the girl most hated by the oth­er contestants who view her as a “troublemaking phony.”

“Amanda is really turning out to be the villain on the show,” said the source. “The other girls don’t like her and say she’s a witch who turns on a lot of fake charm whenever Sean’s around.”

But Sean’s not likely to be fooled by her rap sheet.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, Amanda was charged with driving under the influence in May 2010.

She pleaded no contest and was sen­tenced to two days in jail, 129 hours commu­nity service and three years’ probation.

But before long she was in trouble again. In June 2011, Amanda was charged with public intoxica­tion. Court documents state that she was “under influence of intoxicating liquor” plus the mind-numbing drug toluene.

THAT CHARGE WAS DROPPED after she completed a state intervention program, but her wild ways still aren’t likely to sit well with deeply religious Sean, an insurance agent and furniture business owner from Dallas.

“Sean is squeaky clean, and when he finds out about Amanda’s past he’s going to be shocked,” said the source. “I can’t see him taking her home to meet his parents – if he did they’d have to lock up their booze cabinet!”