BARBRA STREISAND's only child is being urged to write a no-holds-barred book about his superstar mom — and it could become another "Mommie dearest," say pals.

JASON GOULD had a front-row seat for his 70-year-old mother's diva behavior and romances with a-list stars, and their relationship has been strained for years. now Jason, 45 — who is openly gay and was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2000 — could pay her back by blowing the lid off her darkest secrets.

"Deep down Barbra and Jason love each other, but they're always at each other's throats," an entertainment insider told The ENQUIRER.

"Their relationship has hit a new low, and the prospect of a book project has recently been offered to Jason as the ultimate revenge on his domineering mother."

The showbiz icon has been a hands-on mom who's tried to control Jason's life for years, added the source. "Jason moved from California to new York to escape his mother's clutches," revealed the source. "But she continued to try to manipulate his love life and career — even from 3,000 miles away! After one of their many dustups, Jason was lamenting to a friend who said, 'You've got a hell of a book there! Why don't you do a tell-all on your mother? it would sell like crazy!' and the idea was hatched."

Jason — an actor/producer/writer/director whose father is actor elliott Gould — has plenty of material on his notoriously demanding Oscar-, emmy-, Grammy-, and tonywinning mother, sources say. "He grew up against the backdrop of his mother's love affairs with marquee names like RYAN O'NEAL, JON PETERS AND DON JOHNSON," said the source.

"He also watched her iron-fisted grip and diva antics with actors and directors in huge film productions."

A tell-all on the "Funny Girl" star "could easily reap a $20 million advance," a publishing insider told THE ENQUIRER. "Everyone wants to hear the inside skinny on Streisand, and a book from Jason on the good, the bad and the ugly of growing up with his famous mom would sell like hotcakes!"

As for Jason, "he hasn't made up his mind 100 percent that a book is the way to go," said the source. "but the idea wasn't lost on him either. He knows it's a way to convey to his mother how frustrating it was to grow up in her shadow."