Explosive new book blows lid of Tom Cruise and his bizarre rituals inside Scientology, author claims.

Blown for Good, author Marc Headley, Tom’s Cruise’s apprentice in the secretive Xenu worshipping "church" of Scientology, revealed why he was selected to serve under the Days of Thunder superstar.

 "It couldn’t be someone who might run off the next day and tell the National Enquirer that Tom Cruise was telling me to talk to a bottle for the last three weeks."

 But that’s exactly what he says Tom was doing!

 Headley, a longtime employee at Scientology’s Southern California headquarters, says he witnessed Cruise’s bizarre behavior 19 years ago, as the A-lister was coming off a string of big box office hits.

 Headley claims he witnessed Tom spend three weeks talking to books, bottles and door knobs while adhering to the Scientology doctrine task of auditing a new underling.

 "It’s known as the book-and-bottle routine," Headley alleges.

 The task consisted of Cruise telling him to bark commands toward the inanimate objects says Headley.

 "It was supposed to rehabilitate your ability to control things," explained Headley.

"And to be controlled."