Ashton Kutcher Attempts To Silence New Cheating Scandal

Star’s brother’s ex slapped with a court gagging order.

Worried Looking Ashton Kutcher Wearing Denim Jacket

The former Two and a Half Men actor, Ashton Kutcher, made the move to stop Katie Hightower from blabbing after she divorced his twin brother, Michael, 41, after nine months of marriage, claiming he was carrying on an affair with a married mom from Indiana!

Smiling Michael Kutcher, Twin Brother of Ashton Kutcher, Wearing Black Suit and Tie With White Shirt

Michael Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother. Photo: Shutterstock

“After we were married, I found out some stuff that I couldn’t live with,” Katie told The National ENQUIRER at the time. “So I filed for divorce.”

No sooner had she opened her mouth than her brother-in-law — whose marriage to Demi Moore crumbled over HIS cheating scandal in 2012 — slapped her with a court injunction to shut her up!

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The court documents contain a clause barring Katie forever from even mentioning Ashton or Michael, who has cerebral palsy: “The parties agree Katie will not publicly disseminate images or information relating to Michael or any member of Michael’s family individually or in a manner that allows one to identify the family connection of Michael to his brother Ashton (Chris) Kutcher now or in the future.”

Things got even nastier after Katie’s divorce when Michael wouldn’t stop harassing his lover, a source said.

“The woman called off the relationship, but Michael didn’t want to end it,” said a source at the time.

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“He stalked her to the point where she was so frightened that she got a restraining order!”

The family recently suffered another blow when Michael’s former wife Melissa was found dead of a suspected drug overdose!

Ashton is also still reeling from Demi’s explosive new memoir, Inside Out, which tells how their marriage collapsed after she suffered a miscarriage and the couple engaged in multiple threesomes.

Ashton was accused of having at least two affairs during their marriage — including one with 22-year-old Sara Leal.