Sara Leal

A devastated DEMI MOORE can’t forgive husband ASHTON KUTCHER for cheating with younger women, sources say, and she’s vowed to make him pay!

“I wouldn’t want to be in Ashton’s shoes right now,” said an insider close to the May-December couple. “Demi is in a fury one minute and on the verge of a complete meltdown the next!”

In the latest bombshell to rock their already shaky marriage, Ashton report­edly shared a boozy hot-tub romp with a 23-year-old blonde in California, while Demi, 48, was in New York City.

“Demi wants to tear Ashton apart for cheating, but she collapses in tears at the thought that he did it with a younger woman,” revealed the insider, in the wake of a report on the website

“I think it’s made Demi feel old and dirty. She thought they were a family, and now Ashton has betrayed her trust – and maybe more. Who knows who else this wild party girl has slept with!”

After an exhaustive investigation, The ENQUIRER has tracked down details of 33-year-old Ashton’s sleazy hookup with curvy young hottie Sara Leal on Sept. 23 – the day before his sixth wedding anni­versary!

Demi was across the country promoting the short film she directed for Lifetime’s “Five” anthology, while the “Two and a Half Men” star was partying at the club Fluxx in San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp section.

He arrived with a group of pals, including his “That ’70s Show” co-star Danny Mas­terson and actors Eric Balfour and Michael Pena, sources say, and reportedly rated the girls in the club as “hot-tub worthy” or not!


Afterward, Sara and several other women, including her best friend Marta Borzuchowski, were invited to a private after-party at Ashton’s $3,500-a-night Diamond Suite on the top floor of the Hard Rock Hotel. The 1,200-square-foot suite boasts an outdoor Jacuzzi, and insiders say that’s where a naked Ashton started out partying with Sara and her pals.

“The suite took up much of the hotel’s 12th floor,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “Ashton’s after-party was in a living area next door.

“His bodyguard wrangled two girls out of that party and into Ashton’s bedroom. He picked Sara because he thought she was the youngest and prettiest.

“Marta was the other girl. She crashed on the couch in the suite’s living area while Ashton and Sara had sex in the bedroom.”

Partying hard is nothing unusual for Sara, said an insider, and party promoter Gavin Naumoff, 23, revealed that the beauty and some of her friends are near-regulars at celeb-packed events.


“My job is to round up hot girls and bus them into clubs in San Diego or Vegas,” Naumoff divulged.

“The girls get free booze, food, whatever, and they attract rich and famous guys to the clubs. It’s a two-way street. The girls get to meet rich men and the guys get what they want…SEX!”

And Ashton’s romp with Sara wasn’t the first time this year that he reportedly hooked up with a much younger woman.

“Initially, Ashton flat-out lied to Demi about what went down in San Diego, but she soon discovered the ugly truth,” a source close to her told The ENQUIRER.

“Now Demi is caught up in a nightmare. Ashton’s cheating has turned her into a laughingstock.”

Demi who has three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis – never fully recov­ered from Ashton’s cheating with sexy 21-year-old Brittney Jones in July 2010, insiders say.

As The ENQUIRER re­cently reported, the “Ghost” star, 5' 5"",  has wasted away to 99 pounds – and now she’s in a tailspin over the latest lurid claims about Ashton.

Days after Ashton’s hot-tub romp, the couple was spotted attending a ceremony at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles with their wedding bands prominently displayed.

“But deep down Demi knows that no amount of Kabbalah or spiritual retreats will curb Ashton’s appetite for younger women,” said the source.

“Still, don’t expect Demi to go quietly. If the worst happens, she’s prepared to hit Ashton where it hurts the most – his wallet!

“Demi is in a position to destroy Ashton. She knows all his deepest and darkest secrets and has inside knowledge of his business.

"It even appears she sent a warning to him on her Twitter page. She posted: ‘I see through you.’

“She can give the right lawyer a road map to Ashton’s financial empire, which – thanks to his high-tech investments – could be well north of $200 million."