GARY GIORDANO’s shocking secrets revealed!

Before prime suspect Giordano was arrested in conjunction with the disappearance of blonde beauty ROBYN GARDNER, he had been in trouble with the law previously. reported that in 2003, Giordano, 50, was convicted for his involvement in an organized retail theft operation in Maryland after going on stealing sprees in Target stores.

The detective in the case spoke to ABC2 News in Baltimore and revealed he kept hold of Giordano’s sealed file.

“I went back to the office next day, pulled up the case file, looked at the picture. It was definitely the same guy,” Montgomery County Detective David Hill recalled when he first learned of Giordano’s involvement in the gripping murder mystery.

Giordano had brazenly entered Target stores, load up his shopping cart, and then just walk out the door with the goods like he had just purchased them, Det. Hill said.

Even after he stowed his stolen stash in his car, Giordano often went right back in and did it again!

Giordano was eventually nabbed when surveillance cameras caught him in the act.

Authorities say he sold the stolen goods on the internet.

 “He would talk to us but he seemed like he was a step ahead of us,” Det. Hill said.

“He didn’t want to give us any information.”

Giordano was convicted, but received a suspended sentence.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Giordano maintains that Robyn, an aspiring model, 35, was dragged out to sea by a strong current while the couple snorkeled.

He has refused to cooperate in the reenactment of the Maryland woman’s last movements and denies any involvement in her disappearance.

Giordano has now hired Jose Baez who was the key defense attorney in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Aruban authorities have told The ENQUIRER that although Gardner remains missing, she is now presumed dead.