ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’s mistress PATTY BAENA tells ALL in bombshell exclusive ENQUIRER interview!

I was embarrassed …I felt guilty… I knew what happened was wrong.”

Those are the emotional words of Mildred “Patty” Bae­na – the housekeeper who gave birth to Ar­nold Schwarzenegger’s love child and is finally ready to set the record straight about her affair with the former California governor.

Patty candidly opens up about the affair that ruined Arnold’s marriage and tells a freelance journalist that she was in love with her former boss and that SHE was the one who decided to keep her son’s paternity a secret – just to pro­tect Arnold and his family!

But since news of the sex scandal made headlines around the world, Patty, 50, has been forced to pull her and Arnold’s 13-year-old son Joseph out of his middle school in Bakers­field, Calif., and has been living a life on the run to escape pub­lic scrutiny.

“It’s been the scariest, most painful, confusing and disappointing…it’s just been very difficult,” Patty told the freelance journalist.

Patty had worked for Arnold, 63, and Maria, 55, for 20 years and had always enjoyed a close relationship with the couple and their four children.

“I admired and had such great respect for [Arnold],” she divulged, talking about when she and Arnold first became intimate. “At the time, I thought I loved him…yes, I would say that. Then one thing led to another – we had this connection.”

When Patty became pregnant, she told the Schwarzeneggers she was expect­ing, but she never told anyone except her mother that Arnold was Joseph’s father.

“Never have I told Arnold that Joseph was his son, never did he ask me, and never did we talk about it. I knew he was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him he won­dered, but he never said anything to me.

“The truth is we were intimate many years ago and it was me who kept the secret – not him.

“I kept it because I knew what hap­pened was wrong! I was embarrassed. I felt guilty. At the time I was intimate with Arnold…I loved him, but I knew he was married and had a family who I cared very much about, too.

“So I decided I would just go on with my life and not hurt anyone.”

Last summer, Patty brought Joseph to the Schwarzenegger home after not visiting for awhile – and she says it was then she noticed that people were whis­pering about the striking resemblance between Joseph and the “Terminator” star.

“I believe Maria heard the whispers,” she admitted. “She didn’t confront me at first, but she would say things like, ‘I’m here if you need to talk…’

“I kept saying no. Finally, she asked point blank.”

Patty, secretly staying in a hotel near Phoenix, Ariz., says she won’t disclose the details of those painful conversations between her, Arnold and Maria out of respect for the family’s privacy.

“What is important is that Maria did ask me directly if Joseph is Arnold’s son  and told her he was,” she said.

“I dropped to my knees, I was so sorry. She was so strong when I told her. She cried with me, told me to get off my knees. We held each other.

“I told her it wasn’tArnold’s fault, that it takes two. This is what I admired about her, her strength and the way she handled it.”

Patty also revealed that Joseph has known Arnold was his father for at least a year – but that he was under strict orders not to say any­thing to anyone about his famous dad. And she admits the boy was confused but kept the secret.

“He wasn’t sure how it could happen [since Arnold] was mar­ried,” said Patty. “I told him, ‘I’m not saying I made a mistake… you’re not a mistake. I did a wrong thing because he was married.’

“I told him not to tell anyone – he said he wouldn’t.”

Patty is hoping that by coming forward with her story, she’ll be able to put the past behind her.

“I want to get back to a normal life, so my son can play with his friends and go back to school,” she said. “It’s time to move on.”