Marlon Brando secretly taped phone conversations — and now some of the biggest names in Hollywood are terrified their darkest secrets will be exposed, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The rotund actor loved nothing more than phoning friends and dishing dirt for hours about the showbiz elite — and even persuaded Marilyn Monroe to disclose her secrets about the Kennedys, say sources.

The Hollywood legend spilled gay and straight sex secrets of stars, reveled in details of cheating and sordid affairs, got actors to disclose their mistresses — and even spoke freely about his own bisexual lifestyle . . . all on tape.


“Marlon secretly tape-recorded his phone calls — he was the consummate control freak,” divulged best-selling author Peter Manso, who wrote the definitive book on the actor’s life, “Brando: The Biography.”

In an exclusive interview following Brando’s death, Manso told The ENQUIRER:

“Marlon had a sophisticated and elaborate tape-recording system in his Mulholland Drive home and all the calls were automatically taped. It was connected to his eight or nine phone extensions all over the house.

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