Antonio Banderas & The Leggy Blonde Banker

Ladies man Antonio Banderas has a new gal to add to his love portfolio – a blonde Dutch investment consultant.

Antonio, 54, and Nicole Kimpel were snapped dancing the night away last month at a club in St. Tropez and heading back to their hotel holding hands. A source says the two are “in love” and Antonio had secretly started a relationship with Nicole while he is still married to Melanie Griffith!

“Antonio comes to France to visit her, and they already went for a 10-day vacation together in secret,” divulged the insider.

While Antonio’s $65 million divorce from his wife of 18 years is not final, the new couple have good reason not to go public with their relationship.

Said the source: “They were hiding everything from everybody because Melanie got a very good divorce lawyer. I think he was hoping to keep (the romance) under wraps until the end of the divorce.”

The insider says the 54-year-old actor is truly smitten “and that’s a major reason he decided to go through with the divorce from Melanie.”