‘Happy Days’ Star Cooks Up ‘Perfect Portions!’

Anson Williams takes over Super Bowl Sunday with his new dieting plan!

Anson Cover FF

What’s cooking, Potsie?

How about a cookbook?!

“Happy Days” star Anson Williams, 66, is living proof that “Sixty is the New Sexy,” and now he shares his own philosophy on fitness in “The Perfect Portion Cookbook.”

It was selected to be launched on QVC Super Bowl Sunday.

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The handsome actor/director, who played lovable Potsie Weber on TV’s iconic ’70s series, told the ENQUIRER, “As I started to grow older, I thought, ‘I need to take better control of my life and what I’m eating.’

“I was walking through the supermarket one day, and I started seeing all these 100 calorie snacks.

“In the back of my head, I thought, ‘What if we could eat what we love and never overeat!’

“What if we could take all the comfort foods we love and put them in perfect 100 calorie portions?

“So, I know exactly what I’m getting!

“It’s so simple, so satisfying and it’s never been done!”

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Anson and business partner JoAnna Connell contacted best-selling cookbook author Bob Warden and nutritionist Mona Dolgov — leading to “The Perfect Portion Cookbook.”

The still- boyish-looking Williams added, “Ever since I started using ‘The Perfect Portion Cookbook,’ I’ve never been in better shape, I’ve never felt better and I’ve never been more productive.

“And it all comes from living a great life, eating the foods you love and not over-eating!”

He laughed, “It also means you will never have to go on a diet again — never, ever, ever!”

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