Mike Walker

Anna Faris Admits Jealousy Over Jennifer Lawrence

Couldn't stand Chris Pratt getting cozy with co-star!

Anna faris chris pratt divorce
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Mike Walker reports… Freaked-out Anna Faris truly believed her fairytale marriage to hunky Chris Pratt would last forever — but the suddenly single “Mom” star just launched her own rebound romance!

Now she’s admitting to one and all that she’d already turned green with jealousy when Chris started filming with Jennifer Lawrence for their 2016 sci-fi dud “Passengers!”

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris — Secrets Of Their Shocking Divorce!

Confided a Faris friend: “Just starting to get over Chris with a new boyfriend of her own, Anna confessed she shot off the jealousy charts, hating the idea of Chris and JLaw joined in love!

“But Anna’s worst fear may be over — or worse than ever — now that Jen has openly split with director Darren Aronofsky. We hear Anna’s praying Chris will still stay the hell away from Jennifer!”