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JENNIFER ANISTON has shelved plans for a gala wedding in Greece and has decided she wants to tie the knot with fiance JUSTIN THEROUX in gay Paree, reveal insiders.

The beauty’s recent 10-day trip to the french capital with Justin was far more than a romantic getaway, it was also a search for just the right Parisian locale for them to walk down the aisle.

Jennifer, 43, had planned to exchange vows with Justin on the Greek island of Crete in the fall. The “Big fat Greek Wedding” had been designed as a tribute to her heritage and a nod to her actor father John’s birthplace.

But with Greece in economic turmoil, the planning of a wedding there became complicated and, a friend told the ENQUIRER, the idea of getting married in Paris soon became Jennifer’s top priority.

“Even before Jen and Justin went to Paris, they had talked about honeymooning there,” disclosed the pal. “Then Jen asked, ‘Why not get married in Paris too?’”

Timing is an issue. Jen’s father John, 79, suffered a heart attack in 2006 and is in fading health, while her mother Nancy, 76, suffered a stroke last fall. She feels a trip to Paris would be easier on them than traveling all the way to Crete.

Jennifer also felt security was a problem and was not satisfied with the quality of the hotels.

“But in Paris, they know how to keep the gawkers away,” said the friend. Jen wants to get hitched before Brad and Angie “she could have a wedding at the four seasons hotel, for instance, and everything from food and wine to security and floral arrangements are all done in-house. It’s more elegant and less work for Jen. She’s really warmed up to the idea of getting married in Paris.”

Jennifer floated the idea to her girlfriends, including Courteney Cox, Sheryl Crow and Chelsea Handler, and “got a big thumbs up,” revealed an insider.

The actress plans to lock down dates and details by early July with a late september wedding in mind, say sources. 

“Jen had originally planned for 150 guests, but she’s downsized that to about 50 friends and family,” revealed the friend. “And she still wants to pay homage to her heritage by getting married at one of Paris’ Greek orthodox churches.”

Some believe Jennifer is trying to beat love rival Angelina Jolie down the aisle. she denies it, but her friend says: “in the back of her mind, she’d like to have her wedding before her ex-husband Brad has his.”