After falling into a deep depression, Angelina Jolie attempted suicide!

And now Brad Pitt has sprung into action to make sure the mother of his children doesn’t try taking her life again, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The sultry brunette beauty confessed to Brad that she was afraid her suicidal tendencies would return after learning that he’d made plans to move out on his own, according to insiders.

But the big-screen hunk assured her the separation would be temporary, and their love would survive the split, sources say.

"Brad was in France checking on their chateau recently, and Angelina was in Los Angeles with the kids when she called him in a panic," a friend divulged.

"She told him, ‘When you’re not around, I get these terrible feelings. I got the same feelings when I was younger, and that’s when I tried to kill myself.’

"Angelina said, ‘I feel lost without you – like I’m being abandoned.’"

But Brad, 46, immediately reassured the high-strung Angelina that he wasn’t leaving her for good, even though he’ll be living apart from her and their six children while they work on separate movie projects, the friend revealed.

"Brad quickly calmed Angelina down.

"I’ll always be there for you and the kids. I promise.’"

Angelina’s cry for help stunned those close to her, especially Brad
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