Grateful Grandpa!

Angelina Jolie Turns Jon Voight Into Her ‘Manny’

Cherishes spending his time doting on her kids!

angelina jolie jon voight
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Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight have repaired their once-estranged relationship so well that she’s trusting him with her most prized possessions — her children!

Friends close to the actress confirmed Angie has recruited her father to be a full-time “manny” to her brood to replace a revolving door of nannies — and he’s ecstatic to be spending quality time with his grandchildren after years of not seeing them at all!

“Jon has waited patiently for this opportunity,” a pal disclosed to The National ENQUIRER. “He’s even offered to move into her new house part-time — which she’s not opposed to.”

Angelina Jolie Ends Feud With Jon Voight

The “By the Sea” actress is more than grateful, as her father has proven to be a lifesaver!

“He’s great with those kids and they listen to him like he’s an old sage,” another pal spilled.

“They are normally a real handful for the hired help and only seem to listen — and behave — when a family member is looking after them!”