Angelina Jolie Just Adopted 13 More Kids

The humanitarian is paying for some foreign educations!

Angelina Jolie Humanitarian — She Paid For Cambodian Kids Schooling

Humanitarian Angelina Jolie is now footing the bill for an entire Cambodian family’s private-school education!

Angie’s kids struck up a friendship with 16-year-old student Leida Shoun and her 12 brothers and sisters while the actress was filming “First They Killed My Father” in the slum-infested city of Siem Reap last year.

The Shouns — who range in age between 20 months and 23 years — live in a tin shack with their parents. Leida dropped out two years ago because school was bleeding her family dry!

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“We cannot afford it,” she told Angelina. “It is $5 per subject per month per child — too much for us. But I want to help other people, and be a good example for my family.”

Moved by her devotion, Angelina and husband Brad Pitt are sponsoring Leida and ALL of her eligible siblings at the New York International School’s Siem Reap branch.

“The Shouns are very good children,” said a school official. “They have only just started, but they are doing very well.”

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They can’t thank Brangelina enough. “Angelina and her family have already given them more than any check could,” a close source revealed. “They’ve helped give them the means to learn and work and prosper for themselves.”