Angelina Jolie Gets Her Broad Nose Slimmed Down!

Angelina jolie nose sq

Angelina Jolie has tweaked her already gorgeous looks with a secret nose job!

The 40-year-old superstar “went under the knife for a minor procedure on her nose,” a close friend told The National ENQUIRER.

“The surgery was so minor that only a trained doctor could tell.”

The Oscar-winning actress, who’s now promoting her new movie, “By the Sea,” co-starring husband Brad Pitt, had the operation a few months ago, according to the source.

“To most of the public, Angie is a flawless beauty, but her nose has always bothered her,” said the source.

“She’s always wanted a slimmer, more refined nose bridge. As Angie got older and thinner in the face, she felt her ‘broad’ nose bridge stood out. So she got it fixed.”

After examining before and after photos of the star’s face, medical experts — who have not treated Angie — agreed she had her nose sculpted.

“Angelina’s nose appears to have slimmed, like her figure. It’s possible that she’s undergone a subtle nose job, or rhinoplasty, that’s refined her nose,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn told The ENQUIRER.

“Overall, it looks good, but I wouldn’t recommend any more plastic surgery for her. She doesn’t need it.”

As the ENQUIRER recently reported, sources have said Angie is wasting away — with the 5-foot-7 star’s weight plunging to a mere 83 pounds — as she faces a terrifying new cancer crisis.

The mother of six has had preventative surgeries — a double mastectomy in 2013, and a procedure to remove her ovaries earlier this year — that triggered early menopause, which experts warned can significantly increase the odds for early death.

Despite her health issues, the source said Angelina decided to go under the knife yet again for cosmetic reasons — and famous Beverly Hills dermatologist and skin care specialist to the stars, Dr. Susan Evans, called her rhinoplasty “conservative.”

“Angelina has definitely thinned out her nose bridge since this old photo was taken,” Dr. Evans told The ENQUIRER. “Hers appears to have been surgically altered.”