Chatty cathy ANDY COHEN reportedly wants to be taken seriously as a real talk show host.

The Bravo exec and “Watch What Happens Live” anchor “has been trying to distance himself from ‘Housewives’ because he wants to be taken seriously as a talk-show host”  The NY Daily News reported.

Cited as evidence with the exception of Cohen’s real life pal, Bethenny Frankel none of the multi-franchise’s wine tossing, cat fighting cast members were invited to a swanky soiree CNN newsboy Anderson Cooper threw for the publication of Cohen’s memoir, “Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture”

Andy wants to be taken seriously to compete but his success still depends on the Housewives franchise.

TV ratings for April and May show that Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” does better when its sandwiched betwixt “Housewives.”

Maybe a trial separation or more guest shots elsewhere until non-reality TV gets to know you better, Andy?