Mike Walker

Amy Schumer Rips One As Goldie Hawn Giggles

Size matters on the set of their spy flick!

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Mike Walker Reports… Not to imply 35-years-young Amy Schumer’s out of shape … butt … at age 70, her movie co-star Goldie Hawn’s admittedly nuthin’ but buff!

The adorable blondes, in Hawaii filming a flick as mommy and daughter, triggered giggles when Wardrobe delivered identical vacation costumes to their dressing rooms — but stupidly switched their sizes!

“It was hysterical,” said My SpyWitness. “Amy yanked Goldie’s shorts up over her voluptuous thighs and ass — and ripped ’em wide open!

Goldie Hawn Tans — While Kate Hudson Burns Up Over Amy Schumer!

“But Goldie’s been wonderful — she rouses Amy to run with her every morning, and monitors her diet choices — but it’s still a struggle!

“In one movie stunt where both had to jump a fence, Goldie had no problem — but producers were forced to install tiny, concealed stairs as an Amy aid!

“Goldie could not stifle her giggles — but the gals still play like total pals!”