DON’T expect to see TERESA GIUDICE back on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” when she gets out of jail!

Bankruptcy documents have revealed the TV reality star and hubby Joe are deadbeats who stiffed creditors out of millions, and now fans have turned against them!

“America has seen there’s noth­ing ‘real’ about the Giudices, and Teresa had better pray for a miracle if she’s hoping to come back to TV,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

Teresa, 41, and Joe, 43, flaunted their lavish lifestyle for years on the popular Bravo series. But recently released bankruptcy papers show they owed more than $13.5 million – and paid back a measly $7,500!

According to the documents, the couple has just $140,000 in equity in their $1.7 million home, and no equity at all in their car collection, which includes a Maserati worth at least $100,000, plus a Cadillac Escalade and a Ford 350 truck.

The couple also spent freely on expensive toys, including a $40,000 Sea-Doo boat, a $10,000 Kawasaki quad and two go-carts.

Thumbing their noses at creditors even further, the Giudices brazenly valued their dogs at $600!

After the documents were released, the “New York Daily News” blasted their lavish lifestyle as being “built on a massive lie,” while bloggers branded them “deadbeats” and “slimeballs”!

The high-rolling couple were indicted on federal fraud charges last July and faced more than 50 years in federal prison. After accepting a plea deal in March, Teresa could get 27 months in jail, while Joe is looking at up to 46 months behind bars.

MEANWHILE, Teresa raised eyebrows when she autographed her latest book at a March 19 event in Garfield, N.J., and demanded $25 – in cash! – for her signature and photo.

“When you walked up to Teresa, the woman next to her was quick to advise that it was $25 and ‘cash only,’” the source told The ENQUIRER. “Cash only? Who takes cash only? Even Teresa was telling guests it was ‘cash only, no receipts,’ and she had bags of cash beside her.”

Some speculate Teresa may have demanded cash to avoid declaring the money as income. With that gesture, coupled with the bankruptcy documents, she’s lost all credibility, said the source.

“Those documents expose the Giudices as greedy scam artists who brazenly took advantage of the system knowing they could never pay the money back,” said the source.

“Teresa is going to have a hell of a time convincing anyone to put her back on TV once she serves her sentence. Even if she ditches Joe, it won’t be easy for anyone to accept her as anything more than a crook – and not a very good one at that.”