Audition Drama!

‘American Idol’ Return Snubs Fans’ Favorite Moments

Backstage debate over decision to keep worst acts off the stage!

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American Idol” is already doomed even before its revival, said critics — who charge the singing competition will be disappointing loyal viewers by refusing to show any bad auditions for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan!

Executive producer Trish Kinane insists that when the original aired 15 years ago, “nobody had ever seen” the ridiculous flops presented by Ryan Seacrest, “and it was funny.”

But now, she added, “it doesn’t feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up and laugh at them.”

But that’s precisely why industry insiders think the controversial move will sink the series, which returns to TV in March.

Judges Already Feuding At New ‘American Idol!’

“Part of the fun of ‘Idol’ was that it was like amateur night,” said a media mole. “You got a laugh from the outrageous hacks — and after wading through the ho-hum singers, you appreciated the raw, natural gems even more.”

“William Hung, Sanjaya and all the other crazy ­dreamers got people ­talking around the ­water cooler the next day. You can’t buy buzz like that,” added ­another critic.

“Plus, you need something to string along the viewers until they fall in love with the finalists. This reboot may be over before it even starts!”