Amal Clooney’s Fascist Fashion Fail

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney showed atrociously bad taste by wearing the designs of a notorious racist!

She joined her movie star husband, George, at two recent events in outfits by John Galliano — who made fashion news after allegedly attacking a couple in a Paris café while screaming, “I love Hitler!”

Fans of George are shocked to see Amal helping the demented designer make a comeback!

“This is disastrous for Amal,” said a close pal. “She fights publicly for the rights of the persecuted, so being seen in Galliano designs is a horrible clash of morals!”

Meanwhile, George had recently declared that Amal “doesn’t have a stylist” — just as it was revealed that Amal relies on Alexis Roche, Galliano’s longtime partner.

“It’s bad enough George fibbed about Amal’s stylist, but it’s a huge black eye being associated with Galliano!” said the source.