Allison Janney — Tragedy Behind Her Oscars Acceptance Speech

Actress' touching tribute to her lost brother!

Allison janney oscar hal tribute
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Allison Janney’s 2018 Oscar win for “I, Tonya” included an acknowledgement of her own hidden heartbreak — paying tribute to her beloved younger brother who killed himself in 2011.

Henry “Hal” Janney struggled with drug addiction and depression before he took his own life at 49 years old.

“It hit Allison very hard,” said a source.

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“She loved Hal very much, and they were very close growing up in Dayton, Ohio. But she knew that he could never get clean and he was miserable.”

Alliso has called her brother’s suicide “the most traumatic event of my life.

“And the hardest thing is to be able to forgive.”