All Foxed Up!

All Foxed Up!
All Foxed Up!

FOX News has been plunged into a fresh round of sex and drug scandals after Jesse Watters admitted to creepily seducing a fellow employee, Greg Gutfeld’s alleged cocaine-fueled past was revealed, and Tucker Carlson bizarrely advised viewers to tan their testicles!

Despite corporate re-structuring to improve the company’s image after a slew of sex harassment charges and big-dollar settlements, FOX’s top stars can’t seem to help blurting out cringe-worthy confessions.

The Five and Watters’ World host Jesse, 43, admits he once let the air out of co-worker Emma DiGiovine’s tires in a bid to get a date with her — a move critics claim is right out of the stalker playbook.

Although Watters was married at the time, which he didn’t mention on air, he smugly told his co-hosts, “She couldn’t go anywhere — she needed a lift. I said, ‘Hey, you need a lift?’ She hopped right in the car.”

Co-star Jeanine Pirro asked if that’s a regular tactic he used, prompting Jesse — who divorced his first wife in 2019 — to boast it “worked like a charm” as he went on to marry Emma, 29.

The anecdote prompted Gutfeld to jokingly brand Jesse “The Zodiac Killer.”

But Greg’s got his own baggage. Multiple sources tell The National ENQUIRER there’s a dark side lurking beneath the grinning Gutfeld! funnyman.

“He was a sociopath and just treated people terribly,” dishes one former FOX News co-worker. “He loved making them feel small. He was a bully in every way and every sense of the word.”

The source adds the thin-skinned 5-foot-4 celebrity likes to dish it out but can’t take it — and seems particularly sensitive to jokes about his height.

“He was just a d**k,” adds an ex-colleague who worked with Gutfeld when he was a magazine editor.”

The ENQUIRER investigation reached back to the earliest years of Gutfeld’s career, when he was an ink-stained editor for Men’s Health, Stuff and Maxim’s U.K. edition in the early 2000s.

The former colleague says Gutfeld could be “the life of the party,” which included snorting cocaine “plenty of times outside the office” and also chasing female co-workers.

“To my knowledge, Greg had sex with at least two of the girls who worked there,” tattles the source.

“One of them was an underling who he brought over to work alongside him.”

“And there was another girl on the advertising side.”

The former network colleague backs both claims, noting Gutfeld once got caught snorting cocaine by an undercover cop outside FOX News’ HQ in New York. He spent a night in jail before his lawyers got the charges dropped.

“He did a lot of coke,” squeals the source.

Gutfeld, who swapped dating colleagues for marriage in 2004, says he still indulges in wine and marijuana edibles, which are legal. He’s also acknowledged his divisive personality, admitting in a 2003 New York Times interview: “I love the idea of showing up at a place and just disrupting it.”

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson aired a clip from his new TV special The End of Men featuring personal trainer Andrew McGovern, who extolled the virtues of Testicle Tanning — a practice he claims can increase testosterone levels in men.

The “bromeo­pathic” practice is a form of red light therapy, which is more commonly used to treat wounds and skin conditions.

Some health professionals brand McGovern’s claims “misleading” while others brand Tucker a “nut.”

“If [FOX News CEO] Suzanne Scott is serious about cleaning up the channel’s ‘bro-club’ image, it’s not really showing,” says a TV insider. “Any other network boss would be tearing their hair out over all this.”