‘ALF’ Star Max Wright A ‘Withered, Lonely Outcast!’

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The troubled star of TV’s “ALF” is now living his own sad and remote alien existence!

MAX WRIGHT, adored by millions as uptight dad Willie Tanner on the NBC sitcom, is living a pathetic “down and out” life 25 years after the sitcom ended, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

These exclusive photos show the 71-year-old former TV star – who also had a co-starring role on ABC’s “Norm” – outside his modest apartment in a seedy stretch of Hermosa Beach, Calif.

“Max appears completely alone,” a neighbor told The ENQUIRER. “He seldom leaves his place, except to take out the trash or pick up groceries. You’d have no idea he was once a big star on prime-time TV.”

Max’s twisted double life was first exposed by The ENQUIRER with a jaw-dropping exclusive report in April 2001.

In some of the most shocking celebrity photos ever published, the married father of two was caught on home video smoking crack and making gay pornography!

Max, 57 years old at the time, was seen with two naked men as they inhaled crack from a makeshift pipe – while he fondled one of the men and had sex with the other!

“His life was so out of control that he didn’t care about exposure to AIDS,” a former gay lover of the actor told The ENQUIRER.

“We would meet twice a week and pick up homeless guys. He did drugs with me and the homeless men. Max even agreed to let me film two gay sex videos with him. They’re with homeless guys we picked up on the street.”

As his life spiraled out of control, Max was also arrested for drunk driving – and his wife booted him out of their home.

Two years after The ENQUIRER exposé, cops caught Max in a second DUI arrest.

In an effort to save his life, he then entered a rehab program.

Max vowed he was drug-free in 2003 but hasn’t worked in film or television since 2005.

While he remains married, neighbors said his wife does not live with him. “He’s pretty much an outcast,” whispered one.

“He still wears his trademark spectacles, but he’s withered away and thin, and sometimes wears the same outfit for a few days in a row!”

When an ENQUIRER reporter went to check on his welfare, Max cracked his door open and said: “Please leave.”