ALEC BALDWIN cries like a baby – on the witness stand in sex bomb trial.

Baldwin wept on the witness stand in Manhattan as he testified in the bombshell trial of accused stalker Genikeve Sabouri –the  French-Canadian beauty that Baldwin claimed created a “nightmarish” havoc.


Under oath, the master thespian, 55, said he’d never bedded or romanced Sabourin.

Baldwin said he had  dinner with her once at the behest of a friend. He gave her his phone number and e-mail address – reputedly in regards to acting classes she planned to take.

Sabourin’s behavior with the actor soon took an alleged  Fatal Attraction-esque turn, as she bombarded him with up to 30 voicemails a night, and hundreds of e-mails, hoping to develop a relationship with the one-time Lamont Cranston.


 It continued to get worse, Baldwin tearily testified, as she threatened that she’d show up at his home, and join a yoga class conducted by his now-wife, Hilaria Thomas.


The tempestuous thesp claimed he’d tried to reason with Sabourin to stop and warned her he’d contact police if the situation continued.


Sabourin, who was collared by cops outside Baldwin’s home Apr. 8, 2012, probably didn’t curry favor among the star-struck jurors with her emotional courtroom behavior.


Sabourin had repeatedly yelled that Baldwin was “lying” during his misty-eyed testimony.


Sabourin told media prior to today’s proceedings, “I’m not a stalker … they dragged me in this war of attrition for nearly two years. Why? I haven’t done anything wrong.”

She also said the trial was a waste of tax-payers money and claimed there had been no attempt at mediation by the New York District Attorney’s Office.