Affluenza Teen Nailed By Pizza Order!

Cops in Mexico nab killer Ethan Couch after he calls Domino’s.

Ethan couch affluenza teen pizza
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He ordered a slice of stupid! The dimwitted “affluenza” teen fugitive, who ran off with his mommy after a 2013 DUI accident that killed four, was done in by a delivery from Domino’s!

An international manhunt for Ethan Couch and his mother Tonya kicked off on Dec. 11 when the 18-year-old skipped out on his slap-on-the-wrist probation and the pair took off in their pickup truck for Mexico. The gruesome twosome were located in the vacation paradise Puerto Vallarta, living the high life!

“We were hoping they’d go somewhere they’d stick out, where two Americans would be unusual,” said Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson.

Mexican cops were able to pinpoint their location after one of the dunces used a cell phone to order pizza. Authorities then tracked them after they moved to shabbier digs, with Couch sporting a lame hair-dye disguise after neglecting to trim his goatee!

The duo went on the lam a week after video emerged of the teen at a drunken beer pong party, flagrantly breaking probation terms.

The scene was particularly shocking since he’d been convicted of mowing down and killing FOUR people while driving 70 mph in a 40-mph zone — with an alcohol blood content THREE TIMES the legal limit!

“When I first heard the defense, I thought it was a joke,” Anderson told The National ENQUIRER.

Now, District Attorney Sharen Wilson is seeking to have Couch’s case transferred to adult court, where he could face 10 years for each manslaughter conviction.

Couch has won a temporary stay against deportation. But Anderson had a sharp message: “We’re going to come after you!”