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Secret Heartbreak Diahann Carroll Took To The Grave

Star died with a broken heart after abandonment.

Diahann Carroll in 2017 Wearing White Suit, Inset DiahannCarroll as Julia Circa 1969
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Groundbreaking actress Diahann Carroll went to her grave carrying the heartbreak of being an abandoned child!

The star, who found TV fame as a widowed single mother on the ’60s sitcom Julia, died on Oct. 4 at 84 after a battle with breast cancer.

But the Dynasty diva revealed that her parents gave her up to be raised by an aunt when she was only three!

Diahann Carroll Dementia Shocker

“My mom and dad were poor, and my mother took me to North Carolina, and when I awakened the following day, I realized she had left me there!” she recalled a few years ago. “I spent the next day looking for her.”

Insiders said the catastrophic event motivated her to pursue the roles that defined her career.

Some of Diahann’s most celebrated performances, including hardworking nurse Julia, were of resilient women who were devoted to their children!

Aside from the Golden Globe for her portrayal of nurse Julia, and Tony Award For Best Leading Actress In A Musical No Strings, she received an Oscar nod for 1974’s Claudine, about a single NYC mom looking for love while living on welfare and striving to raise her six kids.